OPPO N3 will be attractive after all

Just a few days ago we were raving about the OPPO N3 and its tubular rotating camera design which was leaked in some renders all over the internet. We had said that the design would be an inconvenient one and might not be suitable for the OPPO N3 design. It turns out we shouldn’t have got so hyped up about it, since those renders might not have been real.

A new photo of the OPPO N3 was leaked today and it shows a radically different design from the tubular rotating ugliness we had seen on the original leaks. We don’t know whether OPPO is actually testing the audience with fake images or someone is mocking people or if they are actually true renders, but it’s still fun to speculate a bit on how the OPPO N3 will end up looking like.

We were overly impressed by the OPPO N1 and its little brother, the OPPO N1 Mini, because besides the 13 MP rotating camera making it the ultimate selfie-phone and camera-phone, the smartphone does have an excellent spec-price-quality ratio. Naturally, there are smartphones out there with cameras that outdo the OPPO N1 13 MP shooter, like the Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3, Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and Lumia 1020. Nonetheless, you don’t see many rotating cameras features on smartphones, so that makes a new release from OPPO at least a bit interesting.

The new render of the OPPO N3 shows off a flat camera, which doesn’t really seem to be that flexible as the first one, but if it is, they’ve resolved its design in a wonderful matter, blending the camera into the phone perfectly. The OPPO N3 render only shows the top part of the phone, with a bit of skin, ehrm, screen showing. The edges and the absence of a delimitation between screen and bezels reminds of the Galaxy Note Edge in some way, but since this is just a render, I wouldn’t want to say anything rash.

The design of the OPPO N3 in the render obviously tries to emphasize the camera and it seems as though this image was created directly as a response to the previous odd-looking render of the OPPO N3. The whole deal smells a little fishy to me, but I’m not here to judge. I would like this type of rotating camera better than the one in the first render, but I still enjoyed the innovative design which could have been modified in such a way as to not be bothersome for the users.

A tubular camera is not a bad idea because it does offer mobility and a lot of shooting angles, so the idea wasn’t completely bad, it’s just that it need a bit of refining in order to look at least aesthetic and harmonious with the OPPO N3 body. Whatever design OPPO might just for the N3, we’re sure that we’re in for a surprise at the upcoming October OPPO event. Just wait and see. Which design do you like best out of the two renders?

Old render courtesy of GSMArena
New Render courtesy of SoyaCincau.com