Alpha-like SM-A500 is a mid-range beauty

Samsung has recently unveiled that it will be launching more devices similar to the Galaxy Alpha flagship launched at the end of this summer. The Alpha line proposes to launch mid-range devices with premium design so that it will suit the Samsung fans that would rather have a phone with a metal frame and beautiful screen than a high-end polycarbonate flagship.

The SM-A500 has passed through China’s certification process, and the device has reportedly left behind some sweet photos, mid-range specs, beautiful design and stunning screen. Samsung’s SM-A500 looks a lot like the Galaxy Alpha, catering to fans of premium design with a metal build that looks as thin as the Galaxy Alpha, which is only 6.7 mm thick. Many have praised the design of the Galaxy Alpha, especially after the disappointing Galaxy S5.

The SM-A500 is supposedly the first device in Samsung’s A-series smartphone built after the model set by the Galaxy Alpha. The SM-A500 is said to be followed by the┬áSM-A300 and SM-A700 which will probably make an appearance in the following weeks. The SM-A500 will sport a 5 inch Super AMOLED 720p display, which is just like that on the Galaxy Alpha, except for being 0.3 inches bigger. Its rumored specs include a 1.2 GHz quad core chipset of unknown origin, but we can speculate that it will be either a Snapdragon 410 with 64 bit configuration or the more standard 32 bit Snapdragon 400 variant.

The CPU will be backed by 2 GB RAM and the device will also sport a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera, superior to the Galaxy Alpha’s 12 and 2.1 MP shooters. The SM-A500 will feature 16 GB internal storage, but will have a microSD card slot available which will support card with up to 128 GB of memory. So far, the device seems like an upgraded Galaxy Apha, with a microSD card slot, better CPU and bigger screen. The SM-A500 will probably be powered by a 2330 mAH battery which is significantly bigger than the Alpha’s 1860 mAH battery.

Naturally, the SM-A500 will run on Android 4.4.4 KitKat and if the device will actually sport the Snapdragon 410 CPU, it will probably be upgradable to Android 5.0 L, which would make the device mostly future-proof. It’s also rumored that the new handset in the Alpha series will work with the Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz UI. All in all, the SM-A500 seems like an upgraded Galaxy Alpha and it will surely appeal to those who want a premium device.

We don’t have any information regarding price or availability, but the Galaxy Alpha did ┬ásport a pretty hefty price tag when it was launched, so the entire Alpha series might follow in its footsteps and cater to those who would rather pay a little more for a premium looking device than choose a more flawed design with better specs. These are not confirmed specs by Samsung, so take this information with a grain of salt.

We think the SM-A500 seems like a pretty attractive device and if Samsung manages to help it stick out from its portfolio, it will probably be a successful premium model. It remains to be seen what the other models in the A series will bring to the table, but we supposed there will be at least one mid-range phablet and at least one monster flagship. What do you think Samsung’s A series will bring to the smartphone market?