Slender: The Arrival is now available on Xbox 360 and PS3

Slender: The Arrival is now available on Xbox 360, according to a post on Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson‘s blog. According to the same source, Slender: The Arrival features a brand new storyline, improved visuals and great replay value. Major Nelson states that Slender: The Arrival is survival horror at its best.

Slender: The Arrival was first released on PC and Mac on March 26, 2013. The same year, in October 28, the game became available on Steam as well. The Arrival is a sequel to Parsec Productions’ Slender: The Eight Pages. It also uses several mechanics inspired from its predecessor. Most of the game is set in abandoned places, each location giving players different objectives. You are only armed with a flashlight, so the only way to survive if The Slender Man is coming after you is to run like hell.

Slender: The Arrival was developed by Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions for PC and Mac. For the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release, the developer worked with indie publisher Midnight City. The result of this collaboration is that, as of today, the game is available on these consoles through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade respectively.

The origins of this horror series lies in an internet meme that was created in 2009 by Eric Knudsen, also known as Victor Surge (his online alias). The first appearance of the character was in a post on the Something Awful forums. Surge posted two black and white images containing groups of children hunted by a tall, thin spectral figure wearing a black suit. Several works of fiction containing this characters emerged, notably the game “Slender: The Eight Pages”, a PC game released in June 2012. In order to give homage to this game, the second chapter of Slender: The Arrival has players collect eight pages, which are clues to another character’s disappearance.