Apple Watch to start shipping in February 2015

The Apple Watch was introduced to the world by Tim Cook on September 9 at the Flint Center. The Apple Watch looked like a promising device with many different variants made available to different types of customers. Apple didn’t release the Apple Watch at the time, but promised an early 2015 release. It seems that the Apple Watch will actually start shipping in February, 2015.

The Apple Watch is the new wearable device from Apple, made in the hope of outdoing stylish devices like the Moto 360, LG G Watch R or Martian watches and fitness trackers like the Pebble, Samsung Gear Fit, Sony SmartBand Talk and other smartwatches like the Asus ZenWatch, TIMEX Ironman One or LG G Watch.

The Apple Watch will feature Apple Pay and a unique OS designed especially for Apple’s smartwatch. It will be available in two sizes and three different watch materials that can be paired with 6 different watch bands. The Apple Watch will be on the expensive side, the basic model setting you back about $350. We don’t know when the Apple Watch will be available for pre-order, but judging from the fact that shipping will begin in February, we can safely assume that by January 2015, you will be able to place an order for the Apple Watch.

Apple hasn’t revealed the exact specs of the Apple Watch, but rumors say that the Apple Watch will feature 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, NFC locked to Apple Pay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Many are excited to get their hands on the Apple Watch because the digital crown and its functions are interesting and would be nice to see in action.

Some are curious about how the OS will work with their voice since the Apple Watch relies a great deal on voice commands. At the same time, the Apple Watch will sadly only be operable when paired with a smartphone. Nonetheless, it does have its own GPS which means that it can better track fitness activity and sync it with your Health app from Apple. The Apple Watch also has a sapphire screen glass and haptic engine which can sense pressure, enabling you to use new functions like the force-touch.

During the presentation on September 9, Tim Cook mentioned that the Apple Watch was waterproof and would feature wireless charging, which would be nice to see on an Apple device. The Apple Watch was supposed to be released by the end of 2014, but Apple had reportedly had some issues with the OS and didn’t want to release a buggy device to the audience. The Apple Watch and its custom UI are intriguingĀ and we’re curious to see the end result, probably on February 14.