HTC ReCamera leaked in photos

HTC has recently released a teaser video showcasing a GoPro like environment and we were thinking that the upcoming Double Exposure event will not only bring the Eye forth, but a new selfie centered smartphone and who knows, maybe the Nexus 9. Although the Nexus 9 is an unlikely apparition at HTC’s Double Exposure, new images have surfaced depicting the Eye, fueling the belief that a GoPro like setup is indeed in the works.

HTC has been planning the Double Exposure event for quite a while and we had heard rumors of a tube-shaped camera that would act as a mount for smartphones. The new leaked photos of the device, dubbed ReCamera – probably from Remarkable Camera – give a lot more credibility to previous rumors.

So far, the HTC ReCamera looks much like we expected, and will sport a 16 MP wide angle lens and can be mounted to any phone running Android or iOS. Even though we had previously though that the HTC ReCamera was going to be exclusive to HTC devices, it’s nice to hear that you will be able to use it with most of the current Android and iOS devices.┬áThe HTC ReCamera will also come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and will also sport a waterproof build.

We also expect to see an HTC One M8 Eye edition to show up at the event and some are saying the HTC One M8 Max will also make an appearance as HTC’s phablet attempt that would compete against the iPhone 6 Plus. With HTC struggling to get back to the top, seeing as their smartphone revenues have been decreasing over the past year, these new additions to its portfolio will hopefully help out a bit. Also, HTC might be planning a smartwatch, too and we’ve seen new medical gadgets with the HTC name on them as well, so the expansion of the company should make for a good attempt to boost revenues.

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