Ryse Son of Rome will not feature microtransactions on the PC

Ryse Son of Rome is preparing for its debut on the PC almost one year after the game was released on the Xbox One. As per usual, the PC version will be a lot more visually impressive than its console counterpart, but there are a few other changes coming to the game as well. Among the most important ones is the fact that Ryse Son of Rome will not feature microtransactions on the PC. On the Xbox One players are able to spend real money for in-game currency and then use it to upgrade their character. Crytek didn’t reveal the reason for removing this option, but this is a pretty good decision as it allows for a more challenging and enjoyable experience.

As you may or may not know, Ryse Son of Rome will be available on Steam, which means that it will feature all the benefits associated with the platform. “Of course, with Ryse being a Steamworks game on the PC, we also wanted to take full advantage of Valve’s platform, and are supporting Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, Leaderboards and the Cloud so you can take your save games with you. There is also full support for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controllers for Windows, for those of you that enjoy their PC gaming in Steam Big Picture Mode. And as we know that style is important, we have added a few official avatars to the Steam Community that you can use on your profile already,” said Crytek in a recent blog post.

Speaking on benefits, Ryse Son of Rome PC includes all 4 DLC  packs that were released for the Xbox One version of the game. These content packs add a new mode for multiplayer called Survivor, as well as more than a dozen new maps and five new skins. Ryse Son of Rome will arrive on October 10th for the PC.