Nvidia Gefore GTX 980M gets unofficial benchmarks and specs

After last week’s rumors of an upcoming GM200 GPU for top of the line 980 GTX Ti or GTX Titan Black, this time we kick off with some intriguing leaks on what will be the mobile version for the current GTX 980, the GTX 980M. Game-debate.com┬ácame out yesterday with a feed in which unconfirmed benchmarks and specs of the GTX 980M are presented. Intended for those avid laptop gamers, the card is seemingly going to deliver a great level of performance although it will not match the output of the desktop version. Allegedly, the GTX 980M will be packing 2048 CUDA cores, 128 TMUs (texture mapping units), 64 ROPs (raster operations), and an impressive VRAM memory.

The VRAM aspect is where it will differentiate from its stronger desktop brother. The mobile version will feature a massive 8GB DDR5 of Video RAM to compensate for other disadvantages, which will prove very useful when firing system sucking titles such as The Evil Within, Lords of the Fallen, Alien: Isolation, GTA V, or Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. According to the leak surfaced by game-debate, the GTX 980M will have slower clock speeds. This is understandable, considering that this is a high-end mobile GTX 980 version and it will not be able to generate the same power as a desktop version does, due to obvious design limitations. Nevertheless, it is quite decent. The card will be rolling on a 1038Mhz base clock and 1127Mhz boost clock.

The memory will be clocking 5Ghz, about 30% less than the desktop version which outputs 7Ghz. Benchmark wise, the Gefore GTX 980M scores a respectable 8292 in 3D Mark Fire Strike, which is 20% lower than the GTX 970. These stats are not yet confirmed, but all in all the GTX 980M will surely be a viable and highly capable tool for those who are keen on laptop gaming. Check out for yourself and decide: