Nexus 6 was spotted in the wild again, this time on a bus

We’ve already seen a couple of leaked photos allegedly showcasing the still to be announced Nexus 6, but the latest one is really something else. This time around the device was spotted on a bus of all places and it wasn’t all by itself mind you. One very lucky person was seen wielding the device, which is apparently just as big as we all imagined. However, the user seems to be able to navigate around the interface easily with just one hand in spite of its size. The Nexus 6 is rumored to feature a 5.9-inch display and we can see that its similar in design to the recently launched second generation Moto X, also known as the Moto X (2014).

The picture also reveals that the device is running on the latest major update of the Android operating system. Entitled Android L, the OS is only scheduled to be released early next month and rumor has it that the Nexus 6 will be the first device to run it. It appears that the rumors were true after all, although there is no way to confirm this at the moment. Thus far, the gigantic smartphone remains unannounced and Google is said to unveil it only later this month, possibly on the 16th. However, there are certainly quite a number of rumors about the device, including rumors related to its specs.

Word on the street is that the Nexus 6 will feature a 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution 5.9-inch display with 498 pixels per inch. Hardware-wise, we should see something along the lines of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 13 MP primary camera and a 3,200 mAh battery. Needless to say, we can’t be 100% certain that these are the real specs until Google announces them, but they don’t seem all that far fetched to me. Aside from the Nexus 6, Google is also said to announce the Nexus 9 later this month.

The Nexus 6 definitely looks bigger than your average smartphone. Image courtesy of Android Police.