Legend of Grimrock sold almost One Million in copies

Almost Human, the developer of Legend of Grimrock series announced that their dungeon crawling title is rapidly approaching the milestone of one million copies sold. The first part of the series, Legend of Grimrock has already sold over 900.000 copies. Developers anticipate that they will surpass the one million mark later this year, after the release of their sequel, Legend of Grimrock 2 which is due this October 15, and is already available for pre-order with a special special 15% discount on www.grimrock.net. Producers say that the pre-orders for the second game of the series are going strong, especially now with the 15% cut off from the original price of $23.99.

Legend of Grimrock 2 also reached a high point recently with the Release Candidate version of the game now good to go. Antti Tiihonen, one of the co-founders of Almost Human shared the following: “With the sequel, we set to improve on an already great game and, judging by the extremely positive impressions of our beta testers, we have definitely reached our goal and more.” Tiihonen continued saying that All the aspects of gameplay and presentation in Legend of Grimrock 2 have been either touched up, expanded upon or, in some cases, completely rebuilt and we’re thrilled that we finally get to share our newest creation with role playing game fans.” Legend of Grimrock is that old school type of dungeon crawling game with tactical real-time combat and grid-based movement, deadly traps, hidden secrets and deadly monsters. 

The story of the game is built around a group of prisoners exiled to the secluded Mount Grimrock for a series of crimes they have allegedly committed. The group will be forced to fight in a lot of life and death situations in which their wits will play a major role. Legend of Grimrock 2 is the sequel of the greatly acclaimed first part of the series that “revived” the dungeon crawling genre. The game features survival, combat, magic, puzzles and role-playing elements. The player will be in charge of a group of four prisoners who are shipwrecked on the secluded Isle of Nex. The island will be filled with many ruins, mysterious tombs, and a vast network of underground dungeons. The group will be fighting to overcome the adversities put in their path by the evil mastermind of the island. The game is set to land on PC this October 15.