Destiny 1.0.2 Update now available, patch notes included

Bungie still has a long way to go so that all “systems are good and steady” in Destiny’s massive gameplay, but it’s good to know they’re making progress. Developers released the 1.0.2 update recently to fix a major bug in the game’s Cryptarch system, along with many other notable fixes. The Cryptarch system was designed with the sole purpose of allowing the players to discover blue (rare) or purple (legendary) Engrams that would eventually be handed over to a vendor at the Tower in order to be deciphered. The main issue was that due to a system bug, there was a possibility, an even higher one in the case of Legendary Engrams, that the player will be denied of one entitled item.¬†With the new 1.0.2 update players will not have this problem anymore. Many other things in the game have received major changes.

The full 1.0.2 Patch Notes:

  • Legendary (purple) engrams will always produce a Legendary quality item or higher
    • Note: Legendary engrams that exist in your inventory will change to Rare quality items when the patch is applied. However, decoding these engrams will still produce the same results as before
  • Rare (blue) engrams will always produce a Rare quality item or higher
    • Chance for Legendary gear increased
  • Materials: Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy promoted to Legendary quality (from Rare quality)
  • Rare (Blue) and Legendary (Purple) Engram drops added to the potential rewards for:
    • Vanguard: Tiger Strike Playlist
    • Daily Heroic Missions (first time per day)
    • Weekly Heroic Missions (first time per week)
  • Known issues
    • When selecting a higher difficulty for daily missions, XP Bonus not show in the reward display
    • You will still get the XP bonus, you just won’t see it in the UI
  • Reduced time limit on Bastion and First Light in Control and Clash from 15 to 12 minutes, bringing them in line with non-vehicle maps in those playlists
  • Lowered weighting on Bastion and First Light in Control and Clash so they appear less often in those playlists
The Destiny Companion App has also been updated. Among the major changes employed, the new Grimoire update will allow players to review cards and see their in-game bonuses much easier, while the help section update will enable a more simple and efficient way to search for articles and browse for newly resolved issues. See the complete list of Companion App fixes below:
  • Clan names now appear in game for accounts set to private on
  • Raid Advisor now shows weekly boss progress
  • Forum topics replied to by a Mentor or Bungie Employee now display a badge
  • Page loading in Internet Explorer is no longer slow for AJAX pages
  • Sign-in will keep you on the page you were browsing
  • Group Probation message displays the appropriate times
  • Team scores are available for team-based games
  • The Tower will now more correctly indicate vendors with whom you have business