Solarbox will charge your phone for free

Remember the iconic red phone booths representative of the United Kingdom? You probably do and you’re probably thinking what ever happened to those? While pondering upon the fast advancement of technology in recent years, you might think that these historic phone booths were laid to rest in a garbage dump, somewhere on the outskirts of London. Mobile phones killed the payphones and there’s nothing we can do about it anymore. Can we recycle those booths? Solarbox just said yes to the challenge.

Solarbox will be providing UK citizens and visitors alike with re-vamped green phone booths that will not only bring back a bit of the historic Londoner image of the phone booth, but can also charge your phone. For free. Instead of using phone booths to make calls, you will now be able to charge your own smartphone in the Solarbox, whilst watching some nice ads on a screen in front of you. The Solarbox idea is a great one, in my opinion, and not because it offers free electricity, but because it does so with renewable energy, thereby promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Solarbox booths are powered by  solar panels mounted   on their tops, which collect the energy and transfer it to your phone and to a screen placed inside the Solarbox.

Solarbox has revealed six of these booths in Tottenham Cour Road, London last week and the booths will be the perfect place for on-the-run people and tourists to grab a quick charge and be on their way. If you are interested in Solarbox, you can go visit it between 5.30 am and 11.30 pm, all year round, every single day. You will have to watch ads playing while you stand in the booth charging your whatnot, but at least you won’t be consuming the accumulated charge while standing there, doing nothing. Solarbox demonstrates that eco-friendly designs and ads can make for a fun experience and be useful at the same time. Solarbox can supposedly charge up to 100 phones per day, which means that you will certainly be able to get a quick 15% battery life for that important conference call your new phone just died in.