Top 10 Android games for this Fall

There always comes a time when you just need to take a break and chill out, so that you can get rid of all the accumulated stress of the day. In those moments, I choose to play a game on my Android phone, because it takes up less time than playing Metro 2033 on the PC and because I can jump right back into my daily routine after a 15 minute break. What’s always hard when it comes to these breaks is to choose an Android game that is actually fun and doesn’t make me close the app after two levels. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 10 Android games that I consider the best ones I’ve stumbled across recently. Enjoy your breaks!


The graphics of this Android game have convinced me that this game is worth playing the moment I started it. I enjoy the comic-like characters and design of the game, as well as the action concept of the game itself. For what it’s worth, you’ve got millions of options for Android games in the Google Play Store and CounterSpy is one of the best you can find. It only costs $5 and it’s totally worth it if you’re into action games. Your main goal in CounterSpy is to stop the launch of nuclear missiles during the Cold War.

Spiderman Unlimited

This one is part of the free Android games section in the Google Play Store, so you can install it without having to tie your credit card to the store. Spiderman Unlimited is once again among my favorites because of the comic-book inspired design and colorful characters. It’s a running action game that gives you one of the best gaming experiences out there, with smooth gameplay and a fun soundtrack. The whole game is hand-drawn, which in my mind, adds a bit of novelty to it. You do have in-app purchases included in the game, but they won’t make gaming impossible.

Angry Birds Stella

You can never make a top Android games list without including at least one of the Angry Birds games that you can find in the Google Play Store. Since Angry Birds Transformers isn’t out yet (watch out for Trojans), Angry Birds Stella is the latest addition to the saga from Rovio, and it’s basically the same thing as you would expect, except for girls running the show. How can I not like that idea? Angry Birds Stella is the usual Angry Birds strategy game, with a more feminine side to it. Oh, and it’s free, of course.

Light in the Dark

This one is a delightful little Android puzzle game you can get for $2 in the Google Play Store. If you’ve heard of Pou and the likes, be aware that Light in the Dark borrows a bit of its cutsie aesthetic. I like this game because it’s really colorful and bright, and it’s actually pretty easy to play, without becoming a time-consuming game. You need to go on a hierogliphic treasure hunt and build the way towards the lost stars. You need to use light in order to create a flow in tombs and crevasses.

Daddy Long Legs

This Android game is also a freebie, and will remind you of the infamous QWOP running game from the first time you lay eyes on it. The only difference is that Daady Long Legs seems much funnier than QWOP was, even though it works on the same unbelievably hard principle. You just need to make Daddy Long Legs walk, but it’s not as easy as you think. Even though it might become just as annoying as QWOP, this Android game is perfect for your 15 minute break. Unless you’ve got a short fuse, I wouldn’t recommend it then.

Anomaly Defenders

This one is a strategy game that is highly regarded by many Android gamers and it definitely deserves a spot in your Android phone or tablet portfolio. This game is the closing installment of the Anomaly series and it pegs the aliens against the humans, for once. It’s a nice shift from predecessors, and the game keeps the same fast-paced tower defense characteristic. If you;re into tower defense games and you’ve exhausted all your older options, check out Anomaly Defenders, it’s definitely addictive. It’s also a pretty cheap Android game with a $3.75 price tag.

The Sagas of Fire Wolf

This one is the most expensive Android game on this list, with a $9 price tag. You get 4 gamebooks for that price and a beautiful game with great sound effects and a whole lot of adventures to take on. It’s a card/board game that can be called retro, too. If you’re familiar with Tin Man creations, you won’t be surprised by The Sagas of Fire Wolf, you might actually feel at home in the game. As with any other board game, it all depends on the dice. This game is more for the genre enthusiasts, as it might bore those of you who prefer action-packed running adventure puzzle games.

Skull Legends

Skull Legends will set you back $1 and it’s well worth the price. The game combines towed defense and FPS gameplay, so you definitely won’t get bored playing this on Android. I love the animated skeletons and the sound effects in this game, and I’m sure you will, too. You get to build, you get to fight, you get to use transforming plants and everything is coated in fantastic characters that are more funny than scary. Skull Legends is a good investment, especially when you only play on your phone when you’re on those aforementioned 15 minute breaks.

Hyper Trip

Yet another freebie for all you Android fans out there in the form of Hyper Trip, a game similar to Super Hexagon, which I couldn’t finish. I still haven’t gone far in Hyper Trip either, but it’s incredibly hard and fun at the same time. It does get annoying when you just can’t control the game and die for the hundredth time, though. Nonetheless, all you need to do in Hyper Trip is to avoid obstacles while moving through an infinite maze of squares. As simple as it is, it’s perfect for short gaming sessions, so that it doesn’t wreck your nerves.

Hellraid: The Escape

This one’s like The Room, only much scarier. Hellraid: The Escape puts you in an environment devoid of light and incredibly gory and gruesome. It can send chills down your spine if it catches you in the right disposition, trust me. If you liked The Room and The Room Two and don’t have the patience to wait for The Room Three to be out, Hellraid: The Escape is a fun replacement that will add a bit of horror to your morning. Or afternoon or night.