Heroes of the Storm is now in its final Alpha testing phase, Europe will finally have access starting with October 9th

Heroes of the Storm has come back online and the final alpha testing phase is now underway. Blizzard released a brand new major patch that brings a large number of changes to the game. First off, all accounts have been wiped clean, but the company says that this was the last planned wipe. Any money you might have spent on in-game purchases has been refunded and added to your Battle.net account. Blizzard also announced that Heroes of the Storm has been moved from the testing realm and all players have been moved to their home Battle.net region. This will allow them to gain access to their friend list and see when their friends are playing Heroes of the Storm. The list is shared across all Blizzard games.

The patch also brings with it two additional heroes in the form of Anub’arak from the Warcraft universe and Azmodan from the Diablo universe. Also, custom games have been re-enabled and you can now face-off against friends once again. Other user interface changes include the addition of an observer mode and a replay system. Heroes of the Storm now also features updated visual art and sound effects as well as new items such as bundles packs, mounts, skins and of course, the two new heroes. A couple of changes to the Heroes of the Storm gameplay have been implemented as well. Most importantly, Blizzard has made it so that abilities can no longer be cast on the minimap, with a few exceptions. Last but not least, the latest patch adds a new tutorial mission aimed at introducing players to the Hero Talent selection as well as teaching them basic Battleground mechanics.

Players in most regions have been able to jump into Heroes of the Storm again since yesterday. Players in Europe will also finally be able to test the game starting this Thursday, October 9th.