Hotline Miami 2 pushed back to possibly 2015

Hotline Miami – from developer Dennaton – took the gaming world by surprise when it came out. Weather gamers saw the colorful, murderous romp as just that or maybe a critique of gaming itself – the game did provide a very interpretive normal ending – the one thing that matters is that it was a booming success. In light of this, a sequel was bound to happen. Thus Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number became a reality and was set to follow up the weird, warped, wacky original, with a launch date set for this fall. Sadly things did not go as expected.

The exact extent of the delay is impossible to tell considering the game did not have a precise release date, but the third quarter of the year  was initially believed to be the release date. Given the fact that October is almost at half way, Q3 is clearly a no-go. The official twitter of the developer posted the following:

Another tweet from the developer read as such: “Your patience is appreciated and will ultimately be rewarded with everything you hoped for and nothing like what you expected.”, which is a bit on the strange side considering that the expectations for the game are pretty set in stone by the original. The trailer seems to suggest simply an expanded version of the original game with more mechanics to better get the blood flowing. However if the 4th wall breaking ending of the first one – if you haven’t played it, consider doing so – is indicative of what Dennaton might do with the sequel, it’s safe to say we’re excited. As long as the sound-track is equally good.