Galaxy Note 4 comes with surprising battery life

Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 4 has been recently put up for pre-order and it has finally begun arriving at people’s doorsteps around the world. So far, we had only assumed that the enormous QHD display coupled with a pretty average battery would make for an average battery life similar to that on the LG G3 or Oppo Find 7. Since the Galaxy Note 4 packs a 3220 mAH battery, not much larger that the 3200 mAH battery on its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, so we were thinking there wasn’t going to be much improvement in battery life, since it takes more power to keepĀ all those pixels in the Galaxy Note 4 QHD screen running.

It seems that we were in for a surprise from the Galaxy Note 4 battery, which reportedly handles all those pixels and features much better than the Galaxy Note 3 and might actually place among the top three devices with the best battery lives on the market right now. If definitely doesn’t surpass the Xperia Z2 powerhouse, which offers a 2 day battery life, but it comes really close, with 1 and a half days of mixed use support.

The Galaxy Note 4 managed to go through almost 9 hours of intensive testing and benchmarking, which would be a two hour improvement compared to the Galaxy Note 3. According to new benchmarks and tests, the Galaxy Note 4 should handle 9 hours of non-stop on-screen time on a single charge, which makes for quite an impressive performance from the behemoth. The one and half day battery life on the Galaxy Note 4 should hold out for even more if you won’t be abusing your new handset, because tests revealed the Galaxy Note 4 to reach those hours with pretty intensive mixed use. So, if you’re going on a weekend trip and don’t plan on using your phone for a long time, just to take some snapshots and notes, expect it to actually hold out until you get home to your charger. If you remember to turn on the Ultra Power Saving mode Samsung has included in the Galaxy Note 4, expect to see vast improvements compared to the Note 3.

The Galaxy Note 4 has received another great improvement from Samsung this time, with a capability of fully recharging that battery in just 95 minutes time, which is quite a feat. Some say that charging time can actually be considered a record for phablets with screens larger than 5.2 inches. In any case, keep in mind that these tests can still be considered preliminary, so you might want to wait just a few more weeks to see more intensive tests and long-term usage tests so you can accurately predict a battery life for the Galaxy Note 4, Nonetheless, it seems like Samsung has outdone itself with the Galaxy Note 4 in every way you can think of. We are wondering if battery tests would have the same results on the Galaxy Note Edge, but that’s unlikely since it has just a bit more pixels to power with the hanging screen.