Tesla announces high performance Model S super car

Tesla unveiled some major new features for its electric Sedans. The company’s CEO and founder Elon Musk also announced a high performance version of the Tesla Model S that will have all wheel drive and go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. There are already other cars on the market that go that fast but they are considered to be in the super car realm. These cars are usually right on the edge of what’s considered to be road legal and the new Tesla Model S fits perfectly into this category. Aside from being incredibly fast, the car also come equipped with some pretty neat automation features.

Some of the features like parallel parking assist and adaptive cruise control have already been done by other car manufacturers in the past, but there are a few innovative ones as well. Such as the fact that the car can automatically adjust based on what the speed limit is and how the speed limit changes. This feature will help you to avoid getting a speed ticket in case you weren’t paying attention that the speed limit sign has changed. However, this could also be problematic in case someone spray paints over a sign and modifies it to show a different value as the car may try to reach the value indicated by the sign no matter what.

A few states have already legalized self-driving cars, albeit with some restrictions in place like the fact that somebody must be sitting in the driver’s seat when these cars are driving around. Tesla announced a sort of self-driving system for parking. The car will park itself and then when you want to drive it you can just summon it and it will come to you. The Tesla Model S comes with this feature and it’s certainly a very useful one to have, although it’s still unclear if this is completely legal as of yet. You can definitely do it on a private propriety like you driveway for example, but public parking lots are a different matter all together.