Galaxy Note 4 update improves battery life

The Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung was first introduced to the public in September, at the IFA trade show in Berlin and the flagship managed to gain the attention of many Android and phablet enthusiasts all around the world. The Galaxy Note 4 was recently put up for pre-order in certain countries, hinting at the fact that Samsung is aiming for a gradual release, so that they can slowly saturate the market with Galaxy Note 4 devices. The Galaxy Edge was also introduced and is up for pre-order in the UK, but the Note Edge is a limited edition device with only 1 million units being manufactured.

Even though the Galaxy Note 4 has not yet been released worldwide, Samsung has already decided to roll out update XXU1ANJ4 for the Galaxy Note 4. The new firmware update for the phablet is rolling out today and will bring improvements to stability and performance, as well as battery life. Recent news has stated that the Galaxy Note 4 is among the best devices with qHD screens and has an impressive battery life which will last for a day and a half with mixed use. The Galaxy Note 4 battery is also capable of recharging in just 95 minutes and the update will supposedly improve these initial readings.

The new firmware update should could right out of the box with the Galaxy Note 4 for those of you who haven’t received your handsets yet, otherwise you will just have to go into your Galaxy Note 4 settings and download the software update yourself. Besides significantly improving battery life, Samsung says that the new Galaxy Note 4 firmware update should also bring considerable improvements to overall system stability and performance.

So far, the Galaxy Note 4 is considered the best phablet of 2014 and the best qHD display on the market, but it never hurts to see that even the star of the show needs and gets support from the manufacturers. If you’ve already installed the update on your Galaxy Note 4, could you tell us some of your first impressions and maybe come back with some notes on its impact on battery life? We are looking forward to getting our hands on the Galaxy Note 4 and seeing how this firmware update influences the performance of the phablet.