Smart bracelet can be used as a handset

The wearable market is increasingly improving and widening, with new smartwatch, smart bracelet, smart ring, smart glasses, smart brooch and smart necklace releases showing up day by day. Crowd funding sites are also getting swarmed with new wearable device ideas and people are getting more and more interesting in this market each day. While we’ve already seen a smart bracelet from Intel, called MICA, earlier this year, it just acted as a bracelet, while the newest smart bracelet idea coming from .klatz has more functions than that.

.klatz smart bracelet

Besides being the generic smart bracelet, the .klatz wearable can also be used as a handset so that you don’t look ridiculous while talking to your wrist on the streets. Although wearables are becoming widespread and I wouldn’t be surprised seeing people talking to their wrists in cafes or on the streets, .klatz thinks that there should be an alternative to the awkward conversation. The .klatz gadget can flip open, much like a flip phone and be used as an individual handset so that you can comfortably take calls without having to whip out your smartphone.

.klatz smart bracelet and charging dock

The display on the .klatz smart bracelet isn’t anything to write home about, with a 384-LED display, but the developers say that you won’t be very concerned with that since the smart bracelet will be able to last for up to 10 days on a single charge, thanks to its 600 mAH battery. The .klatz smart bracelet is one of the new crowd funded devices and you can pledge $99 for a smart bracelet unit, with shipping expected sometime early next Spring.

From the smart bracelet indiegogo page, we can find out that the .klatz can work as a fitness tracker as well as a notification center, and it has hardware buttons which allow you to reject calls, control your music as well as check out your notifications. From what we can tell, the smart bracelet can be wirelessly charged and it actually comes with a dock that looks better than the one included in the Moto 360 package. The smart bracelet will be available in four sizes and different colors and is made from aluminium. The company promises that the smart bracelet will support both Android and iOS devices and should be made widely available by April 2015.

.klatz smart bracelet LED display and buttons