HTC One (M8), (M7), Mini and Mini 2 will upgrade to Android Lollipop, HTC confirmed

Android Lollipop was finally detailed yesterday and its full name was officially unveiled by Google. The tech giant also announced the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone and HTC Nexus 9 tablet while also adding that both devices will run straight out of the box on the latest version of the operating system. Meanwhile, Motorola announced a few more of its own devices that will get to upgrade soon after the OS launches, but what about other manufacturers? It seems that HTC is one of the manufacturers that wants to offer the new major update in a timely fashion and has confirmed that several of its smartphones will get the Android Lollipop treatment in due time.

HTC reiterated that the HTC One (M8) flagship will upgrade along with its predecessor, the HTC One (M7). Aside from these two, the company also says that the HTC One Mini and HTC One Mini 2 will also receive the Android Lollipop update at some point. HTC didn’t mention any specific release dates, but did confirm that the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) will get the update within 90 days after Google releases the final build. While a release date for Android Lollipop has not been announced yet, we know that the first smartphone to run on the operating system is the Nexus 6 and we also know that the device will hit the shelves sometime during early November. That said, we can expect the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) to upgrade to Android Lollipop by early February, 2015.

As mentioned, the HTC Mini and HTC Mini 2 will definitely also receive the update, but we don’t know if the “within 90 days” time frame also applies to them as it has not been announced yet. HTC said earlier today that the full list of compatible devices will be revealed soon, which means that these four might not be the only ones to upgrade to Android Lollipop.