Microsoft has begun the Nokia Lumia rebranding process

We all knew it was just a matter of time until Microsoft kills Nokia and it looks like the process has already started. By “killing” I’m just  talking about its name of course because Nokia as a company still exists, although it can’t make phones anymore. So, we won’t be seeing any new Nokia phones anytime soon, but we are still going to see Lumia devices, Microsoft Lumia to be more precise. Previous rumors were suggesting that the new brand name will be “Microsoft Mobile”, but it seems like the tech giant wasn’t happy with that name after all. Nokia France has reportedly already started using the Microsoft Lumia name for its social media accounts, with more countries to follow in the coming weeks.

While the rebranding process will still take a little more time, it is expected to be complete in time for the Holiday season. However, we’re not sure if Microsoft will end up putting its logo on Windows Phone devices. We will most likely continue to see the Lumia name on the said devices, but will it be accompanied by “Microsoft”? The tech giant hasn’t made an official announcement as of yet so it’s still anybody’s guess at this point. About 90% of devices running on the Windows Phone operating system were manufactured by Nokia and thus feature the Lumia brand. That being said, the remaining 10% were made by other companies who are probably not going to be happy to see Microsoft pushing its own brand so aggressively.

In any case, we’ll only know for sure how the company plans to go about the rebranding when a new Lumia device will be announced. The latest in the series, Nokia Lumia 830 is an “affordable” flagship smartphone that was launched earlier this month so it may take a while before Microsoft announces another Lumia.