Android Wear update officially announced by Google

We previously reported that the new Android Wear update should surface alongside the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android 5.0 Lollipop release. Google has pushed back the rumored October 15 announcement of Android Wear, but the company has finally announced the new Android Wear update. A build number hasn’t been disclosed yet, but we are sure to find it out soon. The new Android Wear update brings new features to existing and future smartwatches like the LG G Watch R, Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3 and more.

The Android Wear update includes offline music support, so that you can now store music on your smartwatch and play it back with the aid of a Bluetooth headphone or speaker. The update also adds GPS support for watches with the required hardware, a feature Google has promised to include in the Android Wear update ever since we first heard about the rumors. The new Android Wear update means that if you have a watch with its own GPS, you will be able to use it for fitness tracking and navigation without having to carry your smartphone around. Google emphasizes the fact that most Android Wear timepieces are used for fitness tracking, so the inclusion of GPS support as well as offline music support will make your exercising experience faster.

Android Wear update officially announced by Google

Besides the Android Wear update, Google also announced that the Sony Smartwatch 3 is now up for pre-order from Verizon Wireless and will be available for purchase in the Google Play Store soon. Verizon is selling the Sony Smartwatch 3 for $250, which is the same price we’ve seen in the Google Play Store listing for the device. The Smartwatch 3 is currently the only smartwatch with a GPS sensor included, a transflective display and features a 1.6 inch display with a 320*320 resolution and IP68 certification. The new Android Wear update will be rolling out to the Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live in the next few days.

That wasn’t all that Google announced, though. The company has also introduced 8 new app categories in the Android Wear app store, including Featured, Health & Fitness, Travel + Local, Social, Tools, Communication, Productivity and More Apps categories. With the expansion of the Android Wear app store as well as the new Android Wear update, Google is aiming to create a comprehensive OS that will allow smartwatch users to customize and use their wearables in their own way.

Besides the Android Wear update, Google also announced the Sony Smartwatch 3, which you can pre-order from Verizon Wireless for $250