The Unfinished Swan soon landing on the PS4, Vita

Sony has revealed via its official PlayStation blog The Unfinished Swan will soon be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Both renditions will be landing on October 28th, and purchasing one – for $14.99 – will grant you access to both versions (meaning The Unfinished Swan is a cross-buy title). Even better – if you already own it on the PlayStation 3, you can freely download the game on the PS4 or the Vita. The game runs in “silky smooth” 1080p on the PS4.

“The Unfinished Swan puts you in the fairytale story of a young boy chasing after a swan who has wandered off into a surreal, unfinished kingdom,” reads the game’s official description. “You begin in a completely white space and paint to splatter your surroundings, to reveal the world around you. The Unfinished Swan will challenge your belief in confronting the unknown. It will spark your imagination, and keep you exploring to see what lies beyond the blank ‘white-space’ exposed before you. You may even encounter the eccentric King who built this realm.”

Development of The Unfinished Swan began in February 2008, as a XNA-developed prototype which took about 2 months to complete. Later in the year, the prototype was expanded and submitted to the Independent Games Festival where it was part of the student finalists, but ultimately losing against Tag: The Power of Paint in its category. After its showing at the IGF, Sony and Giant Sparrow signed an “incubation deal,” which provides funding, office space, equipment, and advice in the form of help from SCE Santa Monica Studio.

Based on the prototype tech demo from 2008, it was assumed that the game would mainly feature splatting gobs of black paint in an otherwise white world, but a later demo changed this to an inverse scenario while featuring ominous music. The score to The Unfinished Swan, composed by Joel Corelitz, mixes electronic music with a string orchestra and string quartet. The orchestra and string quartet were recorded in Nashville at Ocean Way Studios by the Nashville Music Scoring orchestra.