Lenovo announces new fitness tracker

Lenovo has just revealed its new fitness tracker, which resembles certain Fitbit units that have already made it onto the market. There hasn’t been much hype around the Lenovo fitness tracker and it seems that the company didn’t bother to make it too popular either. The new fitness tracker is called the Lenovo Smartband, with model number SW-B100, and it doubles as a notification center. Lenovo hasn’t revealed when the Lenovo Smartband will be available for purchase, nor what pricing it will get.

The Lenovo Smartband will be a fitness tracker and notification center at the same time, encompassing all the functions of fitness trackers already available for purchase. Lenovo decided to include calendar notifications, SMS alerts and caller ID into the functions of its new Smartband. Naturally, the Lenovo Smartband will track your steps, measure distance, calories, monitor sleep patterns and even record hear rate. The Smartband is very similar to the popular Fitbit Flex, and will be available in blue or orange. Lenovo said that the new Smartband will be compatible with Android 4.3 and above, as well as iOS 7.1 and above devices. The data the Smartband collects will be summed up in daily, weekly and monthly graphs so that you can easily monitor your progress.

Lenovo announces the Lenovo Smartband, which will be available in blue and orange

While we did previously hear that Lenovo would be launching the wearable¬†at IFA Berlin in September, the wearable was a no-show at the conference. According to the Lenovo website, the Smartband is aimed at young people who are enthusiastic about fitness, so we can safely assume that the new device should be more budget-friendly than other fitness trackers on the market. It will definitely be hard for Lenovo to stand out with this Smartband, since the fitness tracker market is already saturated with Fitbit, Samsung, LG, Pebble and many more products. Lenovo did introduce a feature to the Smartband that you won’t find on most activity trackers: unlocking your computer. According to the company, the wristband will be able to log you into your computer skipping you of the hassle of typing your password in. If the Lenovo Smartband ends up as a budget-friendly fitness tracking option, it might catch on. Otherwise, it might get lost in the crowd.