OneDrive to offer free unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers

OneDrive was one of the cloud storage services we have recommended for those of you who would like to keep all your data in one place and safe. While OneDrive has great storage options available, the platform has just revealed that it would be improving its service even more. While the changes in OneDrive currently only affect Office 365 users, it still a welcome improvement. OneDrive will now start offering free unlimited cloud storage for all Office 365 subscribers. The change affects both OneDrive and OneDrive business users who decide they want to subscribe to Office 365.

Microsoft began the rollout of the new OneDrive offer yesterday. OneDrive unlimited storage will upgrade all Office 365 Home, Personal and University clients’ storage option. If you haven’t registered to Microsoft 365 yet, you can still do so and benefit from the free unlimited cloud storage for the following few months, according to Microsoft. While other services like iCloud, Google Drive, Mega and Copy also offer unlimited cloud storage, none of them do so for free, so the change is a great marketing strategy from Microsoft.

Even though the Office 365 subscription isn’t free, coupled with unlimited OneDrive storage it becomes a great deal for those of you who use Office apps quite often. Office 365 subscriptions will set you back $5 a month, or $7 a month for personal Office 365 subscriptions. OneDrive has been steadily lowering its prices in the past year, since more and more competitors are rising in the market. In June, OneDrive increased its free storage limit to 15 GB from only 7 GB, and Office 365 subscribers were given 1 TB of cloud storage for free. While 1TB is quite a lot and most OneDrive users don’t even take up such a large space, the unlimited OneDrive option will still be a welcome new addition to the existing subscriptions plans. OneDrive can also support files as large as 10 GB from Windows and Mac desktop applications, which is equal to the Dropbox limit and double that of the Google Drive limit.