Legend of Zelda-inspired Animal Gods gets playable demo

Independent developer Still Games has recently released a playable demo for its upcoming Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds-inspired 2D top-down action/adventure role-playing game, Animal Gods. This latest build coincides with the game passing the 75% mark of its Kickstarter campaign. With 11 days to go, Animal Gods hopes to raise up to $26,000 and possibly beyond. PC and Mac gamers can download said demo via the game’s Kickstarter page.

“I’m extremely thrilled and humbled by the response from backers who have taken us to 78% funded so far,” said Peter Harmon, Game Designer for Animal Gods. “We’re on our way to being funded, but we still have 11 more days to go and we hope that with your support we can not only make it there, but also hit some of the stretch goals for the campaign, including the one for taking Animal Gods to the PlayStation 4!”

As mentioned above, Animal Gods is an RPG set in the Bronze Age of Europe. Still Games’ latest tells the story of the rise of an unlikely hero, trying to save the world and free the Animal Gods. In the game, players explore the ancient roots of European history, featuring massive 2D side-scrolling battles in the wonderfully-colourful and beautifully-ravaged setting of ancient Europe. The game is staged in an open-world backdrop, letting you explore dungeons and temples in any order. This starkly illustrated action-adventure is mastered in full-HD with hi-res. textures and dynamic lighting.

Still Games is an independent game studio started in 2013 by Kara Myren and Peter Harmon. The studio develops games from the edge of a cliff in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Its mission is to build fantastical worlds that support a gameplay-focused player-experience. Once funded, Animal Gods will be fully developed and released on Wii U, PC, Mac, and Linux. A PlayStation 4 version will also be developed if the campaign reaches $45,000.