Wildstar now allows for free transfers between PvP and PvE realms

Carbine Studios has been hard at work implementing the new Megaservers for Wildstar these last couple of months. The developer even announced that it was cancelling the Halloween and Christmas themed events in order to launch the servers on time, so you can imagine how important they are for the company. Well, Megaservers are finally live and Carbine’s wish of seeing thousands of players grouping up for massive battles and events has come true. Still, there appears to be a small issue with the population which means that everything is not perfect just yet. Wildstar now only has two servers per region, namely one for PvP and another for PvE.

Ever since the Megaservers were launched players have been flocking to the PvE server and leaving the PvP one almost empty. In order to fix the situation, Carbine is now allowing free realm transfers between PvP and PvE servers, and vice-versa. Normal realm restrictions still apply and you can only transfer between realms that are in your region. Aside from that though, Wildstar players can now freely move between the two types of servers for as long as they like because the free transfers will remain open indefinitely according to Carbine Studios. However, “indefinitely” might not be the right word here because the developer also mentions that this service might end up being removed in the future “if necessary”.

Presumably, the company is waiting to see if both the PvP and PvE servers can get a decent number of players. If the PvP server eventually manages to catch up with the PvE one, I suspect that the free realm transfer will then be removed from Wildstar. But this is not the time to worry about the future, this is the time to enjoy the free Wildstar realm transfer. Still wish there was a Halloween themed event though.