Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson leaves Ninjas in Pyjamas and retires from eSports altogether

The Swedish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Ninjas in Pyjamas is undergoing a major roster change after one of its players announced his eSports retirement. The player in question is Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson, one of the key members of the team. Ninjas in Pyjamas performed under the same formula since 2012, so this is quite a big change for the whole team. One the other hand, the team really needed to do some changes as its performance lately left something to be desired, especially at the recent eSports World Cup. While Fifflaren isn’t the only one to blame for the team’s performance, he was arguably the weakest link for some time now. The player didn’t say why he is leaving the team, but it is assumed that he was left no choice as Ninja in Pyjamas had to let him go.

“These past two years have been the experience of a lifetime, I’ve learnt so much, traveled all over the world and had a chance to get to know four amazing people who I am proud to call my friends,” Fifflaren said. “These are memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In addition to that, we got to rebuild the legendary NiP-brand and that is the heritage we leave behind us as we go further to realize other dreams in our lives. No matter who takes my place, I sincerely hope that the team will play well and win, which has always been our ultimate goal and they truly deserve it. I want to thank my ex-teammates, the management of NiP who made it all possible, and a special thanks to all of my fans for the love and support over the years.”

Fifflaren has been offered a position in management so he is not leaving Ninjas in Pyjamas completely, but he will not play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the team anymore. NiP hasn’t announced any other roster changes for the moment, nor did they say who is going to replace Fifflaren. Following his retirement, Ninjas in Pyjamas’ current lineup consists of: Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, Adam “friberg” Friberg, Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, and Richard “Xizt” Landström.