Hearthstone might be getting a Death Knight class soon

Blizzcon is scheduled to kick off in just a matter of hours and I bet you’re just as excited as me to hear all about the big unveils and announcements that are certain to be made at the event. One of these announcements is believed to be related to Blizzard’s increasingly popular digital collectible card game, Hearthstone. More specifically, we think that Blizzard will reveal the game’s next expansion pack, which may or may not be called Eye of Azshara according to a recent leak. The company previously stated that the next expansion will feature over 100 new cards and might revolve around goblins and contraptions based on what Blizzard has been teasing lately. In addition, it looks like this expansion will also introduce a new class to Hearthstone: the Death Knight.

This is according to a leak found on Reddit which reveals that there is a reference to the said class in the game’s code. There is also an imagine that allegedly shows how the Death Knight class portrait will look like in Hearthstone. The picture depicts a Blood Elf who doesn’t necessarily look like a classic DK to be honest, although his class ability icon suggests otherwise. The icon looks identical to the “Corpse Explosion” card used by the Death Knight class in the World of Warcraft trading card game. Corpse Explosion is also a Death Knight ability in World of Warcraft. The Hearthstone leaked imagine showing the class ability is too blurry to read the description so we don’t know what Corpse Explosion does in the game.

Blizzard did say at one point that new classes might arrive to Hearthstone in the future and adding the Death Knight class first wouldn’t be surprising at all if you ask me. However, its class ability will likely be something more iconic like Death Coil rather than Corpse Explosion, but who knows. As a side note, the leaked imagine also shows a new card called Dancing Rune Weapon, which is another Death Knight specific ability. So, either someone went to great lengths to create a fake imagine and make it look genuine, or this is in fact the real deal. We’ll know for certain later today when Blizzcon begins so stay tuned as we’ll keep you up to date with any possible announcement regarding Hearthstone and all the other Blizzard titles.