OnePlus one pre-orders start on November 17

At the end of October, we had a few hours time to actually benefit from OnePlus One pre-orders. While the time span was short, OnePlus reported that they had received a staggering amount of orders for the flagship killer. Even though the company promised that the pre-orders would go down smoothly, they did encounter some difficulties with the huge demand. But, overall the OnePlus One pre-orders were a successful attempt and those who have placed their orders are reporting that they are slowly getting their hands on the phone. With the staggering amount of requests from fans, the company decided that they would be organizing yet another pre-order period for the flagship killer on November 17, starting at 16:00 GMT.

OnePlus admitted that even though they had made improvements to their site and server, they couldn’t handle the enormous demand. With this in mind, when they first launched the OnePlus One pre-orders, they were constrained to extended the one hour period to a three hour one, so that unsatisfied people who could not place orders because of a malfunctioning website, could manage to get what they wanted. Nonetheless, people on the OnePlus forum were still complaining about the issues they had during the pre-order period, so the company decided that they would organize another one. With the new OnePlus One pre-orders, the company kind of demonstrates that they have grown significantly since they first launched the invite system and show confidence that they will be able to fill the demand they are expecting during the second pre-order window.

Before the OnePlus One pre-orders start, users will be able to prepare their orders, just like they did last time. When the window opens, all most of us will have to do is send in our order and wait for an estimated delivery time. What you should know is that invites have priority over pre-orders, just like last time. That means that people who get invites while pre-orders are being processed, they will be the first ones the company will ship the flagship killer to. At the same time, if you have already pre-ordered, and you receive an invite, you can switch them out and gain priority, as long as your unit hasn’t been shipped yet. In other OnePlus One related news, a new update has been released, namely the CM 11S 44S OTA. This update should fix your touchscreen issues, as well as other bugs. Here’s the change log for the update:

  • Fixed issues with memory causing screen artifacts
  • Fixed issues with random reboots and instability
  • Fixed issues with WiFi and modem crashes
  • Fixed issues with Filesystem
  • Fixed issues with “black bar”
  • Fixed issues with persist partition corruption
  • Fixed issues with AT&T VoLTE