Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 details revealed

Blizzard has announced a series of changes to be included in the next major patch of Diablo 3. These updates have been revealed during the game’s dedicated panel at the BlizzCon event which recently took place in California. Patch 2.1.2 will address a number of issues identified since the release of Patch 2.1 earlier this year, from a rebalancing of the Greater Rifts system, to the addition of new creatures, weapons and armor. Although success in Greater Rifts is based on the speed of completion, a few random factors can decisively influence the chances of success or failure of a player. Conduit Pylons, which allow the character to discharge temporary electrical blasts with great damage potential around the scenery, often determine the victory outright.

Instead of diminishing the power of the Conduit Pylon, Shield Pylons and Speed Pylons will be furtherly boosted in the new patch to provide an equally useful effect. The Shield Pylons will soon invert damage on enemies, then explode when the Shield expires, while the Speed Pylons will provide improved movement abilities for a prolonged period of time. The Rifts’ ever frustrating dead ends have been removed to minimize downtime. Death penalties have also been modified, while monster density will be addressed to ensure a more proportionate distribution of enemies between leaderboard attempts. Treasure Goblins will also be getting an overhaul; three new goblins will be introduced in the upcoming 2.1.2 patch of Diablo 3: the Gem Hoarder who drops gems, the Blood Thief who drops Blood Shards, and the Odius Collector that will bring along building materials and plans. New Legendary Gems have also been announced to stimulate more experimentation with character builds. Blizzard says that the 2.1.2 patch is coming soon which might mean that it’s a couple of months or one year away, in Blizzard language.

On top of the upcoming 2.1.2 patch, Diablo 3 will feature a new zone called Ruins of Sescheron which is filled with plenty of traps, from swinging blades to floor spikes that can be purposely triggered to damage enemies. Expect new enemies in this newly founded zone, such as the Rat King – a gruesome beast which sheds rats from its back. Disgusting. For those Diablo 3 fans keen on a return of the item trading feature, Blizzard says they have no plans to reintroduce this game element.