Just Cause 3 Announced by Gameinformer

Just Cause 3 has been set for a 2015 release date, according to an announcement by GameInformer, who were exclusively given access to the game. The game is a direct follow up to 2010’s Just Cause 2, which sold over six million copies. Swedish Avalanche Studios and SquareEnix are currently producing the long awaited installment in the series.

News of Just Cause 3’s release came both from GameInformer’s cover, as well as a simultaneous tweets sent out from the Just Cause Twitter account. You can also check out GameInformer’s cover featuring Just Cause 3 below.

In GameInformer’s digital version of the story, the publication boasts of being able to play the game for a number of hours, which suggests that the game is almost completely finished. As GameInformer has said:

“We got the chance to be the first people outside of the studio to play not just 10 or 20 minutes, but several hours of the game, set in a fictional Mediterranean archipelago. The time flew by as we tried out the vastly improved parachute and grapple mechanics, terrorized the latest dictator’s well-defended bases, and soared through the sky with the all-new wingsuit.”

Just Cause 3 Announced

Although the game has not been given an official release date, it is expected sometime next year, and is to be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In Just Cause 2, players were able to parachute into fights, as well as traverse the map in a number of vehicles. The game also let players link any two objects – or even people, or a combination of people and objects – together with a tether. Just Cause 3 looks to enhance that experience and build on it. The game will also have updated parachute and grapple mechanics, an improvement over the last game’s already spectacular mechanics.

According to GameInformer, this installment in the franchise will give players over 100 hours of gameplay, purely in order to achieve 100% completion, and that’s not even including the time spent messing around with the in-game physics or exploring the 400 square mile world that the game is featured in; this time being set in a Mediterranean archipelago.

Over the four years since Just Cause 2’s release, the modding and Youtube communities kept the game alive, leading to constantly evolving and improving game mechanics, as well as updated graphics and a smoother running game. This helped lead the game to over six million sales, and let to more and more interest in a third installment. With updated graphics, better game physics, and a great looking back drop,  it looks like Just Cause 3 won’t disappoint.