Interstellar Marines gets a stealth mode and two new maps

Developer Zero Point Software has recently issued a new update for its science-fiction first-person shooter Interstellar Marines. First of all, the developer has added two new maps, which can be played either solo or in a good-old cooperative fashion, bringing the total number of co-op missions to six. Additionally, Zero Point Software has also introduced a stealth option – this being a first for Interstellar Marines – due to adding sound suppressors across all weapons, in addition to upgrading the game’s unscripted artificial intelligence. Said update also includes:


  • Sound-suppressor for both SMG and Assault Rifle. Sound and damage curves have been adjusted
  • Survival B game mode to Colony for co-op and single-player gameplay
  • Elimination B game mode to Mainline for co-op and single-player gameplay
  • Ability for AI to sense how much light is falling on a Marine
  • Numerous AI upgrades to enhance the AI’s intelligence
  • New weather state to Colony


  • AI balance has been tweaked around the ability to see light levels
  • AI tweaked and upgraded for Defective and Guards
  • Nucleus, Stronghold and Operations to support new AI light vision
  • Mainline to make it more AI friendly and add extra cover for AI bots
  • Colony to add more cover for AI bots
  • Non-suppressed sounds for the SMG and AR
  • Difficulty level is now shown in playground and Get Killed By Bots

Interstellar Marines is being developed in four acts, formerly planned as individual titles. The first act, codenamed ‘Prologue’ is currently in development and takes place in a future military training facility that will stage multiplayer, single-player, and cooperative training scenarios. Multiplayer was the first feature of Prologue to be built, doubling as both a tech foundation for future co-op missions and as a playable Early Access release on Steam. The first co-op mission titled ‘The NeuroGen Incident’ was released on September 26th, which built much of the technology needed for future co-op campaigns. You can check out Interstellar Marines via Steam.