PSN Co-Op Huge Sale on PlayStation Store

As if Black Friday deals weren’t enough, PSN is currently having a sale on Co-Op games. The sale started today and has over 30 Co-Op games for you and PSN buddies to enjoy. The sale has games ranging from Angry Birds: Star Wars to Far Cry 3. Surely games you can only enjoy in Co-Op! PSN sales aren’t too unusual either, the store has had many sales and will continue to do that. With Co-Op games being up to 65% off on PSN and up to 80% off for members with PlayStation Plus, it’s probably a good time to coordinate some shopping with your friends.

The PSN sales has over 30 games on it and goes from November 25th to December 1st. The deal also states that if you purchase over $100 worth of games on PSN,  you will receive $15 credit for the store via your SEN wallet. The code will be sent to you on or before December 15th, players who receive the code will HAVE to redeem it prior to January 13th, 2015. The $15 for spending over $100 on PSN is not limited to the games on this sale though, as long as you spend $100 from your SEN Wallet on anything in the PlayStation Store, this includes games, movie, TV shows, and whatever else you can pick up from there. The announcement comes from the PlayStation Blog, where you can get the full list of games that are currently on sale. The chart comes with the original price, the sale price, and the PlayStation Plus Member price.

With some great Co-Op games in the PSN sale like Borderlands 2, it’s a great time to coordinate a shopping spree with your friends on the PlayStation Store. You will have to be quick though, as the deal lasts only one week. Many great games are on sale and if you have been craving some Co-Op action with you and your friends, now is the time to buy some games and enjoy!