Death Tales to be PS Vita Exclusive

Death Tales was an open-world action RPG called Reaper. Now re-branded with a new title, a few new details on the game have been dropped, including an appearance at the PlayStation Experience.

The upcoming title Death Tales will be a PS Vita and PS TV exclusive. On the PlayStation Blog, it was also revealed that the game will feature two multiplayer modes. Local multiplayer will only be available on the PS TV, while online multiplayer will be limited to two-player co-op on PS Vita and PS TV. Death Tales will have two modes: a Story Mode and Tales Mode. Story mode will be an open-world action RPG. This mode will have local co-op. Tales mode will feature a hub town where players can accept quests and perform them either alone or online. Each level will be randomly generated, giving a different experience every time.

Death Tales was first announced in 2010, and was originally meant to be a PSP title. The game had to be put on hold, but is now back in development. Along with leveling up and pulling off combos, Death Tales will also have a deep card system. Cards can be used for spells, weapons and armor, summons, and pets that help attack. There will be at least 100 cards at launch, with more being added after launch.

While actual plot details are scarce, there is background on one of the main characters in Death Tales: Death herself. Death tirelessly took the lives of humans until she one day fell in love with a mortal man. She eventually gave him immortality, turning him into the first Reaper, which corrupted him to the core. She withdrew from the world and hid herself away. Eventually she was enslaved and forced to once again take lives. Using all her will and power, she created an army of Reapers to do her bidding. To make sure they would never leave her side, she took their memories and implanted them into mortal bodies. Now a husk of her former self, she is eternally a slave to her dark task.

There is no definitive release date for Death Tales. The game will be playable at the PlayStation Experience.