Super Smash Bros. Players Reporting Error Code Problem

Super Smash Bros. Wii U has been out for a few weeks now, and has been a success for Nintendo. Some players, however, have been reporting a code error ruining their games.

Users are reporting that the memory error is making it impossible for them to play Super Smash Bros. Error code 160-0103 shows up on the player’s screen, and reads: “There is a problem with the system memory. For help, make a note of the error code and visit” The error is appearing to random Wii U users, though some victims of the error say that it occurred after playing the For Glory mode and restarting their systems. The error has varying intensity; while some cannot play Smash Bros. anymore, others have had their entire console bricked, and had to send their consoles in to Nintendo for repairs.

Searching for the error on the Nintendo Tech Support Forum shows that the problem is not isolated to Super Smash Bros., but that the game is a common factor for some Wii U owners. It is not for certain at this point known what is causing the error. Gamers should take caution when approaching the issue. Accessing Data Management will result in error code 160-1710, and can cause different issues such as memory loss and bricked consoles. Until Nintendo issues a fix, it is best for gamers to be careful.

Super Smash Bros. released on the 3DS in October, and for the Wii U last month. The title was well received on both, particularly on the Wii U. The roster for this iteration of Super Smash Bros. was the biggest yet, clocking in at 49 fighters, 15 of which were new to the series. The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. also included an 8-player smash mode, the first time a title in the series featured more than 4 fighters at once.