Steam Holiday Auction: Get Rid of Your Junk!

The Holidays are upon us! Steam has unveiled their latest and greatest invention, The Holiday Action! Where you can recycle your cards, emoticons, and backgrounds in to gems instead of pennies. The auction is already on its way and you can check it out on Steam’s Website! You can turn your backgrounds in to 80 gems and your cards in to 26. The emoticons are 80 gems as well, Steam will be hosting the first round of auctions until December 15th. This is a great time to sell all of your useless items as well. As the Steam community is currently buying everything rather rapidly as the community seeks to recycle.

Right now Steam has some very interesting things up for grabs and the highest is currently Steam’s Holiday 2014 background. At a whopping 575,100, the Holiday Profile only has 100 in stock. The background can also not be sold on the market place. Steam’s Holiday Auction seems to be stirring up some people, as the bids are rather large. Even for games like Counter-Strike-: Global Offensive going for nearly 100,000 gems. While I can’t say if that is a really good deal or not, I can say that I definitely don’t have the gems to go in on something like that.

The Steam Holiday Auction shouldn’t be the only thing Steam is doing this month. As the famous Steam Holiday Sale should be closing in and we should be about a week until launch. It will be interesting to see how Steam’s Holiday Auction and Sale go hand and hand. Either way though, it looks as if Steam’s Holiday Auction has taken off and many people are participating in it. There are many games up for grabs and if you have a ton of junk in your inventory then you may have found the right place for them. Steam’s Holiday Auction will have its final auction on December 18th, so be quick and get your bids out!

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