Archlord 2 Gains New Expansion and Server

Archlord 2 is a fantasy MMORPG and the spiritual successor to the original Archlord. Today the title has received a brand new expansion for players to go through, and a new server to play on.

The game’s second expansion, Eternal Strife, was released for Archlord 2 today. Eternal Strife will add two new playable races: the Dragonscion, and the Moonelves. The Dragonscion will join the Azuni’s cause, while the Moonelves will join the Crunn. These new races specialize in magic, and offer a new starting zones, new archetypes, and new weapons. Dragonscion are armed with a long-range magical pistol that makes them a threat on the battlefield. The Moonelves are fond of their signature weapon, the Orb, which delivers devastating blows to their opponents. In the introduction of these two races, players are taken to different parts of the world of Chantra, with the Dragonscion starting on the Island of Rest, and the Moonelves in the Moonlight Tareh Forest.

In addition to the new expansion, Archlord 2 will also be receiving a new European server. This will allow newcomers to experience Archlord 2, as well as existing players to gain a new start if they want to try out a new class. Archlord 2 will also be celebrating the holiday season. The cities of Chantra will be decorated to look festive, and carols will play in town to help spread the Christmas cheer. A special Christmas event will be taking place until the 13th of January, in which players will pick up a quest from the event NPC in town. Gamers then collect candy canes from defeated monsters in order to win a special Christmas Costume for their character. Also, a special event is taking place for those that play as either the Dragonscion or the Moonelves. Amazing awards are being offered to the first character to become Archlord with these races. There will also be multiple server bonuses being applied until December 28th, with character experience, weapon mastery, item and gold drop rates, and fame point acquisition being increased for this time.

Archlord 2 is available now for the PC.

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