Disgaea 5 Six-Minute Trailer Released

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is the latest entry in Nippon Ichi Software’s JRPG series. Recently, the game received a brand new trailer, as well as a wealth of information on the game.

Today NIS released a brand new six-minute trailer for the upcoming Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. Though the trailer is comprised of information that has already been revealed, it gives a good look at what to expect from the upcoming title. You can see the trailer below. Also released was information on the game. A new character was revealed: Liezerota. Liezerota is a mysterious girl with a calm vibe. She and the game’s main character Killia have some sort of history together, though it is unknown what kind of history it is.

Also revealed for Disgaea 5 was the return of the Chara and Item Worlds. The Chara World is a hidden world inside of characters that can be used to unlock abilities and raise stats that cannot be normally achieved through leveling up. Rather than a randomly generated dungeon, these worlds play out like a board game where different spaces level up different stat parameters and trigger various events, as well as unlock high tier Evilities and special skills. The Item Worlds allow players to unlock latent powers hidden inside of items and equipment. Unlike Chara World, Item Worlds take place on a multi-stage battle map, which are inhabited by the “Notorious.” By defeating these worlds, items can be made more effective.

Also revealed were some new classes for Disgaea 5. The first class is the Sage, which uses bows and staffs as their weapon of choice. Next is the wrestler, whose weapon of choice is their fists, as well as axes. Their special ability is “Throwdown,” which lets them do a throw for free as long as they don’t move. The next class is the Hare class. Hares are peace-loving creatures who have the advantage when attacking from above, as their ability “Upper Hand” gives them a 30% boost when attacking from above. The Dragon Pair class gets better the less they move. Their special ability, “Twin Head,” allows the class to attack twice as long as they do not move. The final class revealed was the Rider. They have strong armor that is resistant to physical attacks, as their ability “Immortal Body” lowers the damage of those attacks by 50%.

Disgaea 5: Alliance for Vengeance will release in Japan on March 26th. The game will reach Western shores in Fall of 2015.