EVE Online Player Loses $1,500

EVE Online allows players to carry precious cargo in their ships. Recently, a player was carrying a large amount of cargo only to lose it all while transporting it.

This week a player by the name Ozuwara Ozuwara was killed while transporting 84 units of PLEX in EVE Online. This comes out to over 70 billion ISK (the in-game currency), or around $1,500. Ozuwara was carrying his units of PLEX in a rookie ship known as an Ibis, which is given to players who do not have a ship at a station. Ozuwara was shot down by a player by the name of Diorden. Unfortunately for Diorden, the cargo of the ship was completely vaporized, with no trace of PLEX being left. Details on the loss can be seen here.

In the world of EVE Online, PLEX is a very valuable currency. Players are able to trade in units of PLEX in-game as a way to pay off their game subscription. The currency is able to be traded and sold to other players. However, in order to obtain PLEX in the first place, players must purchase it from the game’s developer CCP directly, or from an authorized third-party reseller. The price of PLEX is slightly more expensive than an actual subscription. Players can use it as a way to gain in-game currency. Right now, a unit of PLEX goes for around 800 million ISK.

The economy in EVE Online is player driven. The amount of money that things cost is not set, but rather goes by supply and demand. Some players operate primarily as traders, gaining profit by buying, selling, and transporting goods. Others can operate as producers, obtaining materials and turning them into weapons, ships, ammunition, items, and various technologies that are in demand by other players.

EVE Online is available for the PC. This instance is not the only one where a player lost a large sum of real world currency. Recently another player lost their ship that was valued at over $2,000.