Duck Hunt Amiibo in Super Smash Bros

There is Dunk Hunt Amiibo data in Super Smash Bros for Wii U according to a video on youtube uploaded on January 1st. The uploader account is Mema Haxx who only has four videos, all Nintendo related. The first shows the Wii U running on a desktop computer with an Xbox 360 controller in use to navigate the menus. He is able to successfully start Nintendoland but doesn’t show off any of the mini-games. The second is a Mario Kart 8 race upload that features the end credits without the text crawl and louder jazz music.

The next two videos show off what appears to be the Super Smash Bros menu. The uploader navigates to the Amiibo screen and registers a Duck Hunt Amiibo, who appears as Duck Hunt Duo, which is what the character is called in Europe. Next the user shows off a Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo character which he fights in a team match as Mario with teammate Peach. He saves the data to the non-existent Amiibo. The footage appears to be genuine, given the near perfect recreation of the menus and the screen options for the variant costumes of both the Duck Hunt Amiibo and Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo’s character. If the user has been able to hack the Wii U console, from what is shown in the first video, “wudr-py,” it is entirely possible that he was able to trick the system into believing that a Duck Hunt Amiibo and Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo were registered. Currently there are no announcemtns about a Duck Hunt Amiibo, or Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo, with the future Amiibos containing Meta Knight, Lucario, Shulk and more with a release date of February 2015.

Super Smash Bros was released for Nintendo Wii U on November 21, 2015 and also was joined by the release of Amiibo’s special figurines that can be uploaded into the game and fight alongside or against players. They can level up and learn to counter players strategies, learning to adapt. The Amiibos have been promised to work with other Nintendo games, such as Hyrule Warriors.