Apple Watch should be launched earlier than expected

Rumors have been silent about the Apple Watch in the past few weeks, but a new surge of interest towards the Apple wearable has brought to light a bit of new info about the anticipated timepiece. So far, we were fairly certain that the Apple smart watch would make an appearance in January or February 2015, to be released later on in the year. Now it seems the release date has been modified, and Europeans might see the wearable earlier than expected, at the beginning of Spring.

The Apple Watch has been introduced at the iPhone 6 launch event in September, but Tim Cook made it clear that it would take some time until the design and hardware were perfected and ready to be launched for consumers. Many were outraged about the high prices Apple might be setting for the watch, but the design variations that should be available are many and are enticing to customers. The latest round of rumors about the Apple Watch release date set it after CES 2015 is over, so that it doesn’t have to compete that much with the hype generated by wearables introduced at the show.

Our best guess for a launch date is Valentine’s Day, but we think that may only be applicable to certain regions, as sources say China will only receive the Apple timepiece mid-2015. We remain confused with all the rumors going around about the device, so take the info with a grain of salt. What’s more is that Standzout, an accessory maker, is currently showing off some Apple Watch accessories at CES 2015, so that must mean the launch is close. If you’re not familiar with the Apple gadget yet, check out a short demo of the device from TouchArcade, filmed in September.

Standzout is demoing the Bandstand Apple Watch dock, which uses an induction charging plate to juice up the handset. The dock isn’t much to look at, but it does have a minimalist design which is kind of neat. In my opinion, the dock is more similar to a soap-holder or or some other bathroom accessory, but with a gold Apple timepiece on top of it, it might look a tad more attractive and fashionable. Even so, the dock seems much to bulky compared to the size of the smart watch, so I’m giving it a “no” rating at the moment. The Moto 360 or LG G Watch R docks are much simpler and more interesting and don’t aim to put the device they are charging on a pedestal. In any case, we are looking forward to the Apple Watch launch in February.