Dying Light Trailer Shows Off Be the Zombie Mode

Dying Light is the upcoming zombie survival horror title from developer Techland. Today a new trailer for the game was released, showing off the title’s “Be the Zombie” mode.

Today a trailer for Dying Light‘s multiplayer mode was released, which can be seen below. The trailer shows what it looks like to take over as a zombie, and become the hunter, in what is called “Be the Zombie” mode. Those who pre-order Dying Light will receive the mode, according to the game’s website. “Be the Zombie” is a PvP mode that allows players to play as a night hunter, a predator with unique and deadly skills who will hunt out the other player characters. It is unknown at the moment if “Be the Zombie” mode will be available only for those that pre-order the game, or if it will be available to all other players of the game at a later time.

An open world title, Dying Light places players in a city in Turkey as they try to survive. Players have to scavenge the world for supplies, and will traverse the world using freerunning mechanics. The game will use mostly melee-based combat, with a large number of weapons for players to choose from. Dying Light will make use of a dynamic day/night cycle. During the day, players have to go out and scavenge for supplies to send back to safe zones. They can also set traps, rescue survivors, and get to airdrops. During the day, the infected are slow and easily visible, and are easy to navigate around. At night, however, the zombies senses become more acute, and they gain the ability to sprint after the player. They will do increased damage, and can jump and climb buildings like the player.

Dying Light will release on January 27th. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.