Batman Arkham Knight Statue Spoils Plot

A Batman Arkham Knight statue included in the limited edition for the United Kingdom appears to have spoiled part of the upcoming title’s plot. The limited edition includes a statue of Batman with a plaque below that initially read, “From a Grateful City In Memory of the Gotham Knight.” Additionally the Amazon UK listing has a description that describes the statue, “and an imposing Batman memorial statue commemorating Gotham’s protector, the Dark Knight.”

The wording of both statements gives the impression that the ending of Batman Arkham Knight will have the caped crusader either dying in defense of the city or faking his demise. Specifically the “in memory,” “memorial,” and “commemorating” word usage leads those theories, as both are only used when talking about someone or something that has passed on, like a person. Death is quite powerless in comics, as characters frequently die and are brought back through strange and irrational ways, such as Batman being sent back through time and having to survive until the modern day setting after Final Crisis in 2008.

The limited edition Batman Arkham Knight statue listing on no longer includes the text on the statue but instead features Batman’s bat symbol. However, the text description remains. The limited edition also comes with an 80 page colored art book with concept art for Batman Arkham Knight, a steelbook case for the game disc itself, issue #0 of DC Comic’s Batman Arkham Knight and a character skins pack. The package costs¬†¬£79.99, or about $120. Currently the limited edition is only available in the United Kingdom though you can import it. Batman Arkham Knight will release worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 2, 2015. Initially set to release in October of 2014 but was delayed until June of 2015 last September. As with many large retail games, you can gain various pre-order bonuses such as playing as Harley Quinn and getting exclusive console-specific missions.