Best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 cases on the market

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a convertible that works better if you’ve got a case for it, as it is easier to lug around and maneuver. Since it is one of the most expensive convertible devices on the market, investing in a good quality case is a must in this case. You can find dozens of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 cases at Microsoft, Amazon and eBay, but there are other stores out there who make cases that not only protect your luxurious device, but give it a bit of an edge.

First off, I’ve found lovely Surface Pro 3 cases on Etsy and other handmade sites, and I’ve picked out a few of them which might suit some of the owners of the device. Truth be told, the cases you find on handmade sites won’t be as durable as the ones Microsoft advertises (we will tell you about those, too), but they can be excellent accessories and they honestly look amazing, fresh and fun on the Surface Pro 3.

Bokoshop has a neat Surface Pro 3 sleeve in stock for $32 a pop, and it comes with a neat pocket that you can use to fit headphones in or store your phone, USB stick, extra cables you might use or even a small wallet. It has a neat minimalistic design that suits both men and women. The handmade sleeve has a cotton lining so that you won’t get scratches on your display. You can definitely use the case for other 12 inch devices, too, so it can be a multi-purpose sleeve, too.

If you’re a fan of tribal art or ethno-elements, VintageFabricFinds has a neat Surface Pro 3 case prepped and ready to go. Albeit a bit pricey, the $40.39 price isn’t too steep, as it can be made to fit a keyboard cover, too. You get a velcro strap to hold your device in place, as padding protects the slate from scratches.

CornerCovers has a pretty cheap Surface Pro 3 case on sale for $29 and it is very similar to the first case we told you about from Bokoshop. This case has the added benefit of three front pockets so that you can organize accessories as you wish. A flannel lining is used on the interior of the sleeve so that you won’t scratch your device. Like with most Etsy products, you can send in your own measurements and requirements and have the manufacturer follow your guidelines so your Surface Pro 3 fits perfectly into the sleeve.

Yet another cheap and practical cover you can get for your Surface Pro 3 or as a neat, sweet gift comes from Sewmuchfunstuff, who has it on sale for $28. The sleeve comes with naval prints and a bit of Americana, so it would be a great gift or memento. You get an exterior pocket, padding inside and a ziplock to hold the device in place.

The last item from Etsy worthy of attention comes from Icsky and you can get it for $29. This one is neat because not only can you fit a Surface Pro 3 in the case, you can also fit another, smaller tablet in the front pocket, so you can carry every gadget you own around in a simple sleeve. The Surface Pro 3 case is made of felt and has a zipper as the closing mechanism for the main pocket.

The Surface Pro 3 cases from Etsy won’t protect your device in case of a fall, but they will keep it away from scratches and dents. If you want durable and sturdy cases, you’re going to have to turn to other outlets who use premium materials to make unbreakable, weapons-grade (kidding) cases for the Surface Pro 3. One of these is Urban Armor Gear, who has a case that has passed all imaginable drop-tests and endurance tests. The Scout Surface Pro 3 case is made from a water-resistant grip material, rubberized binding, honeycomb core. It doesn’t have protection on the front, but that’s where you would put your keyboard anyway. There’s an aluminum kickstand included and with a Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard, your Surface Pro 3 will be as safe as possible. This is the more expensive case on our list, setting you back $70.

You can get a similarly rugged case for the same price from Incipio. The Capture case comes with a rotating hand strap if you use your device a lot while standing up or walking around and it offers a secure grip so a drop is almost impossible. This one doesn’t cover your screen, however, so it’s more fitted for power users who don’t put their tablets down all day. It also has a stylus holster, which might come in handy. The company says that the Capture case can withstands drops, too, but we’re not sure if the screen is protected enough.