Amazon Fire Phone now only $150 unlocked

The Amazon Fire Phone wasn’t exactly the greatest launch the e-commerce giant expected, mostly because the phone was overpriced and not too special upon launch. After the massive flop, the company decided that they would discount the phone to $200, if you buy the smaller storage variant option, but that didn’t seem to help sales. Sales numbers for the Amazon Fire Phone were less than disappointing and Amazon has tried bringing back the hype countless times.

Now, the newest offer is a $150 price tag on the unlocked Amazon Fire Phone, but our hunch is that there aren’t many out there who will take advantage of the discount. Users have been critical about the Amazon Fire Phone and even after the initial discount to $200, the phone didn’t manage to sell too many units. The company isn’t giving up on the smartphone business, though, as they reiterated that an Amazon Fire Phone 2 and even a third variant are in the works. These shouldn’t come earlier than Fall 2015 or early in 2016.

The $100 offer for the Amazon Fire Phone is only available throughout the day, on Amazon UK and you can only get the 32 GB version. Still, the U.S. Amazon store will continue selling the Amazon Fire Phone for $200 for those interested. Even though the handset comes with quite a few neat features like Dynamic Perspective, Firefly, Mayday, easy one0handed mode, advanced camera system and a pretty good app suite, it lacks Google Play Services which means that many fans won’t feel too comfortable with the phone without tweaking it a bit.

Even though the discount is being marketed as a %75 off promotion on Amazon UK, there doesn’t seem to be much interest for the device. We are wondering when the Amazon Fire Phone stocks will run out, although the company did unveil that they have a massive stock that just won’t be bought up by customers. Too bad the Fire Phone had such a rough start. We are hoping for the best for the upcoming Fire Phone 2 and 3.