Best iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S cases on the market

Even though both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S are designed to be rough and rigid, getting a case for the phones is a must, especially if you’re a heavy user. There’s no better way of avoiding dents, scratches, stains, splashes and overall signs of use than by slapping a case on the phone. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of the best iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S cases you can find on the market right now.

First off, let’s see about durable iPhone 5S cases, as the iPhone 5S is the more popular device at the moment, aside from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The first case we’ve spotted is quite interesting, as it has an integrated stand, as well as credit card holders. The Stowaway case from Incipio is a bit pricey, indeed, costing $35 a piece. But it is well worth its money because it offers impact protection for both the back and front of the device and the stand can come in handy in many situations, as I’m sure you know. You have a variety of colors to choose from, but the lime one is my favorite.

Incipio also has a more stylish case that comes with the same protective properties for both the front and back of your device. It’s called the Highland iPhone 5S case and it is advertised as an ultra thin premium folio with brushed aluminum style finish. The case looks amazing, in my opinion and it is fit for business meetings or if you want to look sophisticated. It’s still a bit pricey, costing $40 a pop. Much like the aforementioned Stowaway iPhone 5S case, it offers a credit card slot too, and the rear part of the case can be used as a kickstand.

If you’re not a fan of full-coverage cases, but still want the most protection you can get without having to pop open the case to access your display, Incipio has a few options for you, too. Our favorite is the Printed Feather Shine iPhone 5S case, because it has that tie-dye feeling and seems pretty sturdy and easy to use. It’s a bit cheaper than the previous cases we’ve talked about, setting you back $30. This one is quick to slap onto your phone and offers enough protection against ruining the back panel of the device, but it doesn’t come with shock-absorbent materials.

A good option if you want protection as well as style and camo comes from LifeProof, in the form of the Realtree iPhone 5s case. It’s the most expensive case so far, setting you back $90, but this one is actually pretty damage-proof compared to other cases which don’t cover the display. It does have a screen protector built-in, but you can still bypas having to open a case to access your display. It’s totally sealed from weather conditions and dust and it actually manages to protect your camera without obstructing it at the same time.

The last iPhone 5S case we’ll be talking about is one for the fans, indeed. This Rogue Ducati iPhone 5S case from Elementcase is something to gaze at if you’re a rugged, industrial design fan. It’s not even that expensive compared to the RealTree case above, setting you back $50. The Rogue case offers shock-protection on all sides and it comes with aluminum side rails as well as a carbon back panel. The downside of this one is that adds considerable bulk to your iPhone 5S, but it looks amazing doing so.

Now on to the iPhone 4S. It is harder to find cool cases for the iPhone 4S nowadays, because it has gone out of fashion a bit since the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are already on the market and gaining popularity. Nonetheless, you can still get awesome cases for a pretty acceptable price. Here’s our best picks for iPhone 4S cases from the online environment.

Our first example of a cheap and great iPhone 4S case comes from ZooGue in the form of the Social Case Pro, which you can get for $5 off their website. It is a simple slap-on case without front protection, but comes with a rubberized body that is easy to handle and use and offers decent shock-protection. It is a super-cheap case that you can get, with a simple, thin and lightweight design.

LifeProof has cases for the iPhone 4S, too, so our logical next pick comes from them. The LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S isn’t as rugged or durable as the RealTree case for the iPhone 5S, but it certainly comes with enough protection. The case will set you back a good $56, which is a bit expensive in our opinion. It is a bulky case, indeed, but it actually looks quite stylish with an industrial feel to it. The best thing about the case is that it meets military standards for shock and impact protection.

Since we do enjoy folios and there are many out there who prefer to protect their iPhone 4S’ back and front equally, we have a great and cheap option for those, too. The Leather folio case with a card slot for the iPhone 4S from Macfixit is a great option and it only costs $10, which is neat. The magnetic flip will assure easy manipulation and the back panel of the device can double as a kickstand.

Hard Candy’s Street Skin case for the iPhone 4S is one of the best rugged options out there, and it isn’t too expensive either. It still remains on the expensive side with a $35 price, but it does come with a few benefits. The case is made of a shock absorbing TPU rubber and it keeps the iPhone 4S slim and lightweight, all the while protecting it from damage.



We’ve saved the best for last, naturally. Our favorite rugged iPhone 4S case comes from Ballistic in the form of the Hard Core iPhone 4S case that costs $50. Even though the case doesn’t cover your screen, it won’t let it get damaged thanks to the corner drops on the case. It comes with great impact protection, multiple layers, a screen protector, a kickstand and even a rugged holster with a swivel belt clip.