Ermac, Mortal Kombat X’s newest character, revealed!

The Kombat Kast live stream has revealed, that the new playable character for the upcoming fighting game Mortal Combat X is Ermac! The character was teased yesterday ,with an audio only video taken from a fatality sequence.

Ermac returns as a defensive style character, with hover, teleport and disappear abilities. Similar to past games, Ermac is able to manipulate soul energy, for example if you have three souls at your beckon, you have the ability to stun the opponent which can lead into further combos. The more souls you have, the longer the stun duration.The Telekinetic Slam, his signature move is still in his kit. The disappear ability  has a short timer, but it can be doubled and is a very effective way to dodge attacks. The teleport and hover abilities make him very mobile and can be used to attack the enemies from unexpected angles.

Aside from Master of Souls, Ermac has two extra variations Mystic and Spectral. Mystic Ermac has enhanced telekinetic powers. For example his levitation skill lifts his opponent from the ground, leaving them hovering upside down, which makes them vulnerable to further attacks and combos. Spectral Ermac can fly around for short periods of time. He can attack from the air, giving him positional advantages if used correctly. The down side is, that he cannot block attacks while flying.

On the live stream we had the opportunity to see a new stage too. It is apparently called Destroyed City, but not much about it has been revealed, other then its name. You can interact with certain objects from the stage, such as throwing a car engine at your opponent, or grabbing a muffler and using it as a hand held weapon. Alternate costumes have also been confirmed, and the streamers have hinted, that we might have seen them already, we just did not know it!

Mortal Kombat X is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and allegedly to PlayStation3 and Xbox360 in April.