République Remastered Coming To PC

République is an episodic stealth survival horror title from a dedicated team of veteran developers. These developers have worked on some amazing video game franchises, like the Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Infamous and F.E.A.R. series. The title was released on iOS devices in 2013, however a release date for the remastered edition of the game has just been announced. République Remastered will be arriving on the Steam, Humble and GOG stores on February 26th.

The game’s visuals have been improved dramatically from the original release. République Remastered was created using Unity 5, a version of the popular game engine that is still in beta testing. This new version allows developers to create even more beautiful games. However the game’s developer, Camouflaj, also rebuilt a lot of assets in order to make the game look even better. The improved visuals can be seen in the comparison below. The screenshot on the right is from République Remastered.

Courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

République Remastered takes place in a dystopian world. In this 1984-esque totalitarian state everything and everyone is being watched. République tackles the difficult topics of “voyeurism, paranoia, censorship, and control.” The game is set within a secret facility called Metamorphosis. That is where players will meet Hope, a Pre-Cal that is being experimenting upon. Pre-Cals are born and raised within the facility. They have never seen the outside world, and Hope, asks the player to help her escape. The player is an unnamed hacker that is watching this incredible story unfold. However you aren’t just a passive viewer. Players have to hack into cameras to look around corners. That’s not all, hack into a variety of electronic devices to distract, trap and otherwise occupy the facility’s staff.

République is one of Kickstarter’s success stories. Camouflaj proposed the game on the crowdfunding platform in 2012. It was successfully funded, and the development team starting working on it. The game’s first three episodes have already been released with two more still in development. République Remastered will cost $19.99 right after launch. After the first week, the game’s price will go up to $24.99.