Saygus V2: the behemoth nobody heard of

The Saygus V2 smartphone is marketed as the smartphone with all of the features one might need in a phone, starting with a high-end camera and quite a few extras. Saygus is a new American smartphone company founded in 2009 which has just sky-rocketed into the limelight with the Saygus V2 (read V squared). The American company has been pretty hyped recently thanks to their new feature-packed smartphone, as people are reluctant to believe that all those features can be included in a well-designed, affordable smartphone.

The Saygus V2 is an appreciated smartphone release because it is different from many other Android phones you can find on the market nowadays. The handset comes with root access and multi-boot availability out of the box, something Android fans are inherently fond of. The Saygus V2 comes with highly customizable software so that users can change the user interface and customize it as they see fit, which makes is a desirable phone for those who love fiddling with these things.

Specs of the Saygus V2 include a 5 inch display with a 1920*1080 resolution that adds up to 445 ppi pixel density, and it comes with great outdoor visibility and Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The phone is pretty thick, measuring 9.7 mm, but that doesn’t count as a letdown, as the phone is very much packed with features. You get a Snapdragon 801 CPU running the show, backed by 3 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. What’s the neatest thing about the Saygus V2 is that not only does it have great processing power, it also comes with two microSD card slots, which means that you can get up to 256 GB extra storage on the phone.

The Saygus V2 comes with Android 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box, but you can definitely customize a lot of things from there on out. You also get a massive 21 MP camera on the rear with optical image stabilization, autofocus and dual-LED flash and yet another massive 13 MP camera with optical image stabilization and autofocus on the front of the device. The handset also comes with an actual hardware shutter button, so that taking photos is going to be easy-peasy and fast.

LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, a biometric fingerprint scanner, an IR blaster, NFC, stereo speakers with Harman Kardon Sound Technology, Qi wireless charging, waterproof IPX7 rating, armored online mobile security and 3 microphones are also part of the Saygus V2. All those features and enhancements make this phone probably the best you can find on the market nowadays, although the processor could be upgraded a bit.

With all those features packed in, you’re probably expecting to see at least a $1000 price tag on the Saygus V2. Well, you’re going to be surprised, as the company has the phone up for pre-order on their website for only $600. If future-proof phones are your thing, you won’t go wrong with the Saygus V2. I’ve never seen a phone with so many features and the dual microSD card slot is also an exclusive feature to it, which means you’ll be getting a lot of capabilities to enjoy with the phone, if you choose to pre-order.