New Action RPG Victor Vran Announced

Haemimont Games has announced its new game: an action RPG by the name of Victor Vran. The game developers are going in a much different direction than their previous series of Tropico games. The Diablo-style game is due to launch this summer through Steam Early Access for PC. The game will be published by EuroVideo Medien of Gray Goo and Blackguards 2. The game was apparently first shown to a small crowd at Gamescon in 2014. This is Victor Vran’s official unveiling.

The announcement came along with a trailer and plenty of screenshots to give some insight into the new project. Haemimont wants to bring a fresh perspective to the action RPG genre through Victor Vran. There will be a wide range of equipment, special moves for combat, and a jumping mechanic that is unique for the style. Main character Vic can be customized to each player’s liking with different weapon types, outfits, demon powers, and fate cards. The special moves and skills are combined in combat against hordes of monsters as well as smarter boss creatures.

While many games released through Steam Early Access are very early in development, Victor Vran will apparently be nearly completed by the time it becomes available for download. Feedback from players of this version will then be used in determining future development. Haemimont has already said that the PC version will only be the start. They have plans to launch Victor Vran for to-be-announced platforms. Victor Vran is single-player but will also feature online cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

The project has apparently been in the works for around two years, around the Tropico schedule. Haemimont is certainly changing their style with this foray into the world of platformer, dungeon-crawler hybrid. In contrast, the Tropico series were construction and management simulation computer games.

Check out Victor Vran’s trailer and screenshots below.